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SecurePIM - THE solution for organizing your emails, documents and photos within a secure vault - all in one app. all secure.SecurePIM protects your email communication, keeping your documents and photos safe and private. With real end-to-end encryption, SecurePIM protects your emails from third party intrusions by storing encrypted emails, documents and photos in a highly secure container, separated from the rest of your device.

SecurePIM - encrypted email easy for everyone:
- Registration less than in 1 minute with your existing email account (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, etc...)- S/MIME email encryption including personal certificate provided by SwissSign
+++ Outsmart Google & Co. - keep using your existing email address, but don't let your provider read the content of your communication anymore +++
- Send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails (S/MIME standard)- Verify a sender with a unique S/MIME signature- Send, receive, flag, navigate and organise your emails easily- Send emails with your existing email account (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, etc...) or any other email server that supports IMAP or ActiveSync- Receive notifications with background email fetching (only Exchange)
- Store sensitive documents/attachments (e.g. contracts, reports, etc…) securely inside your container- No other app or person can access your secure documents- Send sensitive documents encrypted with SecurePIM
- Who needs snap chat if you can send your photos just encrypted- Take secret photos and store them inside the Documents module- Keep your secret photos safe from all other apps and users- Send your secret photos encrypted with SecurePIM
SecurePIM Sync - our desktop solution to encrypt and decrypt emails on your desktop:
- Easily export your SecurePIM private key and certificate with QR-code (from the app) to your PC- Set up your desktop email client to send and receive encrypted emails on your desktop client. - Want to know more about SecurePIM Sync? Visit:
+++ SecurePIM test license and purchase +++
- Test SecurePIM for free for 3 months- Get your 12-month SecurePIM licence inside the app
SecurePIM is an effortless, simple way to keep your emails, documents and photos safe. Simply add your email to the app and never worry about private storage for your emails, photos, documents again.

+++ Download SecurePIM and start protecting your private data today +++

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